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#NafHacks at Home with Chef Pat: Limonana

A cold drink on a hot day is one of life’s simplest (and most essential) treats, and we’ve got just the thing: limonana! A popular summertime drink in Israel, limonana is made with tart lemon juice and one very cool twist: a fresh mint simple syrup! Chef Pat shows us how to make this family-friendly summertime…

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#NafHacks at Home with Chef Pat: Loaded Hummus

Here at Naf, International Hummus Day is one of our favorite holidays. We’re big hummus fans, and hummus bowls are kinda our thing. To celebrate, Chef Pat created three loaded hummus plates and hosted a very special guest: one of our founders, Elan Burger! Elan’s been with Naf since day one, and he virtually joins Chef…

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#NafHacks at Home with Chef Pat: Amba Sauce

Packed with pickled mangoes, amba sauce has bright, tangy flavor and is uniquely fruity and acidic. This sauce was on our menu for a limited time, and was one of our founder Sahar Sander’s favorites. Now, Chef Pat shows us how to make an at-home amba sauce so you can try it on white fish or…

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#NafHacks at Home with Chef Pat: Pita Chips

Pita chips are a highly munchable and perfectly crunchable snack, and they’re even better when they’re homemade. Chef Pat shows us his favorite quick and simple ways to take pita from the pantry and transform it into Middle Eastern spiced delights for dipping, snacking, and sharing. Watch our video and see the full recipe below to…

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#NafHacks at Home with Chef Pat: Jerusalem Seasoning

At Naf, our chicken kebabs are known for their complex, unique flavor  – and it’s all thanks to our Jerusalem seasoning. This special Middle Eastern spice blend brings some sweet and some heat, and it’s one of our favorites. Chef Pat shows us how to make an at-home version of this Jerusalem seasoning, so watch the…

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